the investment company plc

The Investment Company plc is a small registered, self-managed Alternative Investment Fund, it has appointed Chelverton Asset Management Limited as Investment Manager of the Fund.

The investment objective of The Investment Company plc will be to maximise capital growth for Shareholders over the long term by investing in high quality quoted UK Small and Mid-Cap Companies.

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Beware of share fraud

Fraudsters use persuasive and high-pressure tactics to lure investors into scams and we are aware of entities form time to time purporting to be The Investment Company plc. They may offer to sell shares that turn out to be worthless of non-existent, or to buy shares at an inflated price in return for an upfront payment. While high profits are promised, if you buy or sell shares in this way you will probably lose your money. Detailed advice on how to avoid and report potential investment scams is available on the FCA website:

The Company has also been made aware of attempts to issue documentation in the Company’s name which is not legitimate. Anyone wishing to verify the authenticity of any documentation should contact the Company Secretary on 01392 487056 or