Investment Policy

The Company invests in cash-generative quoted UK Small and Mid-Cap Companies that are expected to grow faster than the UK stock market as a whole over the long term and which can finance their own organic growth.

Investment Approach

The Company’s objective is to outperform the UK equity market by investing in companies with higher-than-average earnings growth that are listed outside the FTSE 100 index on either of the Main Market, AQSE or traded on AIM, to capture the smaller companies’ outperformance effect. The Investment Manager believes the investment trust structure of the Company lends itself to investing in smaller, more illiquid growth stocks, as the closed-end structure removes the potential scenario where the Company needs to sell holdings at the wrong time to meet redemptions.

The Company principally invests (approximately 75 per cent of its funds) in shares of companies which are listed on the Main Market or AQSE or traded on AIM, with market capitalisations of less than £250 million. The Company also invests (approximately 25 per cent of its funds) in some UK listed companies with larger market capitalisations, for liquidity purposes.