Tim Metcalfe

Non-Executive Director

Tim was appointed to the Board on 6 July 2018. He is an experienced corporate financier, having spent over 20 years working at Robert Fleming & Co., N M Rothschild, Westhouse Securities, and Northland Capital Partners and was Joint CEO of Zeus Capital, prior to being the co-founder, in 2015, of IFC Advisory, an investor relations and financial PR adviser to small and mid-cap companies.


The Company’s Audit Committee is chaired by Martin Perrin and consists of all the Directors. Tim Metcalfe is the Senior Independent Director.  The Board considers that the members of the Audit Committee have the requisite skills and experience to fulfil the responsibilities of the Audit Committee. In particular, Mr Perrin FCA, is a chartered accountant with a wide experience of operations and finance in industry. The Audit Committee examines the effectiveness of the Company’s risk management and internal control systems. It reviews the half-yearly and annual reports and will also receive information from the Proposed Manager. In addition, it reviews the scope, results, cost effectiveness, independence and objectivity of the external auditor.

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